New “UAZ”: strictly limited edition (test drive)

Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)

Strictly limited edition, collectible model... Gives the pathos of the world of evil men. But rare the car was released our national UAZ. Why and for whom?

Blame Brezhnev. Personally, as I recall, the factory workers, gave the go-ahead to start production of a new SUV, a ride on the prototype at the Zavidovo hunting grounds. Fully finished, the machine was languishing in the chains of bureaucracy. Ministers Yes other officials were commissioning a Vase and modernization of AZLK. The approval of the Secretary General (who would have thought!) changed priorities.

Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)

5 December 1972 from the initial batch of life began UAZ-469. Car that have been experienced by probably every one of us. Some learned on the UAZ the hardships of military service, others drove through rural fields, and others learned the basics of diperta. Let imperfect, but unpretentious SUV in my lifetime without preparation conquered Elbrus and Pamir, traveled difficult paths from Moscow to Magadan and back, withstood the torture of heat in the Sahara desert... Easier said tread tires half wild and very the world.

469 and no more car

45 years since the birth of its most famous models of the UAZ had no right to miss. But the gift has not prepared him, and his favorite fans. Which will be the first time to remember the name of the special version passport — 315195-068-04. Joke in the car world dubbed simple — "hunter" anniversary series. However, the magic of numbers used. Just released exactly 469 vehicles — in memory of the first historical index of the model. And dealers will sell them in a queue according to the principle "who had stood up, and sneakers".

Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)

New "UAZ" is destined to become a rarity, because such a small batch of cars in Ulyanovsk have not done. So random people clients obviously will not. Jubilee "hunter" composed for connoisseurs, and at their request. It turned out, vasovagal don't need big wheels and other trophy-tuning, as well as a return to basics like spring front suspension or carburetor of the motor.

— Almost a year we were preparing a jubilee option. — Says Konstantin Rayevsky, a specialist Department of a grocery planning Oise. — Studied the club forums, made a study of"clinic" and met with people. Designers have drawn hundreds of layouts! Were asked to decorate a "hunter" in the manner of a parade of military equipment — was considered too trivial. Thought about the garish-bright design, but kitsch on the verge of shocking — search. The audience, it turns out, wanted a stylish and comfortable car of the day in the spirit of reasonable minimalism.

Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)

Tricolor and shoulder straps

So jubilee "hunter" became the tri-color. Again, for the first time in the history of the Oise. The tricolor formed the black window line, covered with "noble" (at the manufacturer's terminology) the green color of the "boat" of the body, white wheels and roof. Moreover, such a decision is not devoid of practicality. Because light items produce less heat, which is easy to check old-fashioned way. After the UAZ stood in the heat for half an hour, the matte black surface cannot be touched — it burns with a frying pan! And to the white roof of the palm to make peace.

Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)

At least some replacement of the air conditioner, which is "hunter", we will remind, do not put. And comfortable list of options ends before it starts. Power steering and a cigarette lighter. That's all, even no radio. However, Ulyanovsk has found a way to decorate the void. On the iron front plate had the jubilee label in the manner of a military ring with the serial number of the car, and the seats instead of the leatherette sheathed breathable fabric. And the line was completed to match the exterior, a textile impregnated waterproof Teflon composition (promise, enough for a couple of years), so that the chair is still easy to clean after off-road trips.

Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)

Whiners pass

Started to growl under the hood a 2.7-liter fuel injected "b" ZMZ-409 — almost the most advanced units "hunter". The head does not fit that in the XXI century still found a real non-glamorous car. Without ABS, airbags, thick sound insulation, and other pieces — definitely useful, but izbalovana motorist obscene. Flat swiveled his chair and clutching a crooked steering wheel is fixed, immersed in a world of technical effects — howls mechanical box; abracelet drum Parking brake on the transfer case output; shaking the levers, like blender; buzzing in the wind and knock the stones in the wheel arches. But hell, man, not a lover of smoothies and spinners — are you in a rush, this is your element. The fight is only with yourself — how long in such an environment? It's like his cell phone at home to forget: it seems to have lived without him before people, but still disturbing...

Новый «УАЗ»: тираж строго ограничен (тест-драйв)

Engine "hunter" has not yet received patrioticcow firmware, raising the capacity from 128 to 135 strength. Well, let them, but pull down enough, "hundred" car exchanged surprisingly quickly. And most of 110-120 km/h to drive and do not want an SUV begins to slam the side mirrors like elephant ears, and so expands the dynamic corridor that tries to catch the an oncoming lane. Pulled up useless and will only get worse.

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