New year’s “Cadillacs”: what surprised the Americans in 2017

Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017

Cadillac has launched in Russia the new XT5 crossover and upgraded CTS sedan. But the American brand has in store under the Christmas tree and other interesting news

CTS outsmarted the transport tax

Only on the Russian market sedan Cadillac were lukewarm. And even worse. Another couple CTS per month is nothing in the background results bonus "Germans". The reasons are many: weak-promoted model, an odd choice of versions, not chocolate... But with update problems diminished.

Before CTS, the buyer had no alternative — take two-liter turbo engine and pay sour the transport tax for 276 forces. Wanting to go on it turned out to be less able to count money. Cadillac woke up and stoped the engine power to 240 HP For Moscow, for example, this means that the owner of the CTS have to bring to the Treasury is almost 2.5 times less 18 000 to 41 400.

Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017

But why 240 "horses" and not typical in such cases, 249, or 245? Cadillacba shrug. Say, the engineers decided that this firmware is "it". But is it her?

In the machine — plus two assists

Power cut, and in the dispersal of the two-liter four-wheel drive CTS is still nimble. The LTG series motor with direct injection was deportirovali software, leaving unchanged the maximum torque. And this, incidentally, is an impressive 400 "Newtons". Therefore, we gladly believe in the passport 6.9 seconds to "hundreds" (rear-wheel drive variant fits 6.6).

Let German competitors a little faster. But the updated new year's CTS cuts the air better than the predecessor. No fussy switches, the tachometer needle less hysterically soars to the red zone. Now the priorities are different: softness, ANTOR group has, coolness. They brought with them eight-speed automatic GM 8L45, which replaced the old GM 6L45 six-speed box.

And not only in a denser cutting gear and extended range. The new transmission is configured better picks stage with the expectation to push the revs in the zone of maximum thrust — 3000-4500. In other words, fat "middle" of the turbo engine is used in full. Hence the feeling of an elastic solid dynamics.

Appeared on the CTS V6

Money is not your problem, originality is your expectation? Then it makes sense to take a look at the new flagship CTS. Finally American business sedan has received in Russia right status engine. The latest series LGX is a 3.6-liter, V6, 341 HP and no boost, only direct injection. This machine comes only with all-wheel drive and generally "full stuffing" 3 790 000 virtually any. For comparison, the base rear-wheel drive CTS is 2 790 000, and the modification with all the leading — on 200 thousand more.

Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017

Just don't try to humiliate in traffic light races two-liter sedan can be terrible. CTS with the V6 is heavier and the torque it lower, so the advantage in dynamics is vanishingly small — 0.2 seconds in acceleration to "hundreds". Suddenly you're not lucky, the straight is short, and powerful aspirated will not have time to open up.

Coolness V6 in another. By disabling two of the cylinders at partial loads the engine were economical. We have got an average consumption of about 11 l/100 km — about as two-liter CTS. And yet — gorgeous sound! Slightly pressed the gas, and with a confident thrust buildup of the iron Symphony orchestra. Here is all the drama, pressure, and melody. In one word — fun.

XT5 made tougher for Russia

The same engine 3.6 V6 performed on 314 HP — basic, and only for the new XT5 crossover, which replaced the famous and SRX. I remember the editor of "Auto Mail.Ru" Dmitry Laskova American version XT5 surprised.

Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017

What's the Russian version? Same! The differences boil down to the lighting, different exhaust system (under our environmental regulations) and other details. Spacious interior with a luxurious finish, good chassis, touch interactivity and videozerkalo rear view — all when XT5. Even the frost crossover are not specifically adapted.

And yet our car is tougher. The secret is that the Russian market is the heir to the SRX by default comes with towing trailer. And it means additional cooling of the transmission. In theory, once the thermal regime is more stable, and will live eight-speed transmission Aisin AWF8F45 longer.

Questionable "stop / start"

XT5 and CTS with the 3.6 l motor — the first "Cadillacs" in Russia with the system "start-stop". But don't expect miracles from it. She doesn't like, say, a similar feature from BMW, to be friends with NAV, knowing that the car slows down just before the traffic light and not a circular interchange or turning in the yard. Hence a sudden stop at random when the engine required return, and not saved a single drop of petrol. The motors are jammed pretty tightly, which is good noticeable, because the items themselves are the "Cadillacs" quiet and neveroverwrite.

Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017

Well on CTS "start-stop" can be disabled as usual — by clicking the button. With the XT5 is more complicated. Nowhere jabbing, the only way out... and move the box in manual mode! But this is unnecessary, given the logical operation of the machine.

XT5 will get a motor from China. But not soon

A minimum of 2 990 000 now asking dealers for "naked" XT5. But, it is not excluded that the Russian XT5 will eventually become more affordable. Cadillac plans to bring to the us version from the Chinese market, the two-liter turbo engine LTG (base CTS sedan). But it will happen in the best case a couple of years. Too great a demand in China...

СUE and around

And even the caddies got upgraded multimedia complex СUE. Works fast — the new processor left "brake" when you walk in the menu in the past. And smartphone to connect now a piece of cake, to do this, the system integrated protocols Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017

Annoying just a fashionable backdrop screen "virtual" buttons (and the administering anything but functional CUE). They seem to be large, but no feedback — on-the-go is easy to miss: turn off, for example, control system lane or not? Here and presses the touch key a few times. Have to be distracted from the road, visually checking — warning light is lit or not.

All the more strange that the touchscreen climate control, placed on the floor below, the feedback (via a slight vibration) trained. Can, when want!

Escalade is the coolest not only in length

The prospects of CTS in Russia, even after updating cadillacba evaluated carefully. But on the XT5 has serious plans. After all, the predecessor, the SRX is dispersed, by the standards of the Cadillac, good. Sorry, late new crossover — promised to come to us in the summer, and reached only to the end of the year. Some customers because of this removed the pre-orders.

Новогодние «Кадиллаки»: чем удивят американцы в 2017

In the end, the most popular "Cadillac" in 2016 was... huge frame Escalade at least 4.5 million virtually any! It accounts for nearly 80% of sales of brand in Russia. And every third SUV customers took in the extended version ESV. Yes, absolute numbers are not particularly large — about a thousand machines in a year. But for "an Escalade" is a record in our market.


We assume, as the market has. Cadillac announced price increases from 1 January 2017 at 2-4%. Expensive entire range...

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