Premium sedan for 3 million: Volvo S90 vs BMW 5 series

Премиум-седан за 3 миллиона: Volvo S90 против BMW 5-й серии

Check the teeth if Scandinavian design and German business classic

In this comparison it is desperately lacking the E-class from Mercedes-Benz, in press Park, why it was not the weaker versions of 400 forces. But I found a new "five" BMW and Volvo S90 with diesel engines and all-wheel drive. But here, full equality has not turned out: only one Volvo diesel (D5 version) with a capacity of 235 forces, and there are BMW 520d (190 HP) and 530 (249). The second is closer to the S90 D5 of power, but next: Volvo starts from 3 164 000 virtually any, and the BMW is from 2 960 000 3 670 000, respectively. Therefore, we assume that valid comparison of the 190-horsepower BMW, with 235-horsepower Volvo for about equal money.

Volvo and BMW lover to conservative

Immediately cue the intrigue: well, Volvo is not going as good as BMW. Expected. What remains of the Swedes? To draw, to take risks and be original — after all, Scandinavian design is in itself a brand. The details and the shape of the body Volvo do not leave indifferent. During the test we noticed that the design of the S90 admired the owners of the Alfa Romeo 159 and Chrysler Crossfire, and crooked owners Renault, Toyota and Lada. Draw your own conclusions. Cool running diode-T graphics fluorescent lights in the headlights: willing to rebate to you in the left lane is a minimum. Good and profile with a long bonnet and sloping roof — even a little bit, and would be a fastback. The lights on the stern can be treated in different ways, but there is no more such anybody.

Премиум-седан за 3 миллиона: Volvo S90 против BMW 5-й серииПремиум-седан за 3 миллиона: Volvo S90 против BMW 5-й серии

BMW modest: rear new G30 is easily confused with the previous "five" F10 front with the new "seven" G11/G12, but from the side it just kind of "Beha". It is neither good nor bad: the BMW has no reason to drastically change the design. Because with the image they have, unlike the Volvo, until recently, all right. This is a classic that will not cause doubt in the taste of the owner is aggression and modern in appearance just enough so that the body does not looked dated. And revelations should not wait, even if you dress up the car in M-a package of over half a million, as on a test instance.

The package includes the bumpers and wheels and cool steering wheel, black ceiling, advanced multimedia and sports seats. Last not like they're tight even for not very wide build, though allow to sit low and deep. In the rest of the drivers, everything is spotless, except for a couple strange moments. First, the niche in the center console close and with a narrow opening — it's annoying every time when accessing the phone. And secondly, it is inconvenient to scroll through music tracks with drum on the steering wheel require a scroll with a subsequent click, and the rocker "back and forth" on the center console need to reach all the way to the left knee of the passenger.

Премиум-седан за 3 миллиона: Volvo S90 против BMW 5-й серииПремиум-седан за 3 миллиона: Volvo S90 против BMW 5-й серии

Lounge on wheels against strict office

Also the interior of the "five" surprise crackles and creaks, but this problem is solved by music: even a 12-speaker audio system second level Hi-Fi (+ 42 thousands, if not part of the M-package) are very worthy! But there is also a Harman/Kardon over 93 thousand and Bowers & Wilkins... for 396! Yes and that is not to buy without TV and navigation, so consider it half a million. Volvo ready to install the acoustics of the same manufacturer only 288/311 thousand, depending on the initial configuration. And rest assured — this is the option, which is to spend 10% of the value of the car. It is difficult to imagine a more clear, powerful and rich sound serial on four wheels! BMW in B & W plays, probably, not worse. But there is a caveat — the situation during the "concert."

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