Stalled everything! Test the most powerful Porsche Macan

Буксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche Macan

The sportiest crossover on the planet, we have experienced... in the most inappropriate circumstances!

In the vast lakes in Lapland every winter merriment occurs — gasoline burns a gallon, and the ice bite thousands of thorns. It is here that new models are being tested and based a lot of schools of driving skills. 5 years ago I already "bludgeoned" here at Porsche in the course of the Ice Force. And this is a good place to ride on the most powerful version of crossover Macan!

System failure

How should be the name of this model? At Porsche it's simple — label Turbo S emblazoned on the coolest "Cayenne" and "Panamera" and the 911 Turbo S is not deprived of horsepower. We assumed that the same designation and get "Macano". But I bypass the crossover in the luxury Sapphire Blue color and you can see on the back door inscription Macan Turbo. How so? It's simple — the fastest modification got the console Performance Package!

Буксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche Macan

From the outside it does not distinguish from the usual "turbakov" — here are the same basic bumpers and 19-inch wheels. The clue is in the exhaust system from a simple Turbo four pipe have a trapezoidal shape, and here they were round and painted black. This sports exhaust is included in the Performance package. And if you have a ruler you can measure the diameter of front brake discs — it is increased to 390 mm (+30 mm). And squeeze them in line the red calipers. However, all cars in Finland were equipped with the optional PCCB brakes with carbon ceramic rotors.

And that asking for a fee of 550 thousand virtually any?

Agree, the situation is not very much. You have exactly the same label as the Macan Turbo for 6 095 000, same wheels, seats with electric drives and lots of adjustments, great acoustics, Bose, bi-xenon headlights, Parking sensors and the PCM navigation and can be displayed on the desktop screen of your iPhone (the owners of Android smartphones will have to wait). What is the difference?

Буксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche MacanБуксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche MacanБуксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche MacanБуксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche MacanБуксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche Macan

The first is the Sport Chrono package that adds not only the stopwatch on the front panel, but also an important mode button Sport Plus in Macan Turbo which responds to the gas pedal as much as Europe on the issue of migrants, and the steering wheel becomes heavy as the decision on sanctions. In addition, the robot seven-speed PDK forgets about the higher stages. In a normal Turbo will have to pay 74 584 virtually any. Another 167 402 is the already mentioned sport exhaust system. Click the button with the image of "shotgun" and the back starts erupting volcano!

Буксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche Macan

Air suspension is standard on the Porsche Macan Turbo on the Russian market, but with the Performance package clearance reduced by 15 mm — as in "evil" Macan GTS. And most importantly is a modified motor management programme, which grew out of the turbo "six" volume of 3.6 liters and 440 HP (+ 40) and 600 nm (+ 50). This class of compact crossovers nobody has suggested! Even the nearest competitor with the unpronounceable name Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4Matic Coupe "horses" only 367.

Running in place

Disperse hundreds was reduced to 4.4 seconds (0.4 s less than the Turbo) and a top speed increased to 272 km/h (was 266). But what if I push the pedal to the floor, and the car... standing on the ground, trying to move uphill on perfectly smooth ice? Under the grunting actuators PSM Macan slowly creeps forward, but there is at least one wheel to grip the snow or at least rolled non-crossover lightning rushes forward!

Disable PSM, of course, possible, but then added only the special effects — the Macan will be wildly slip to all four wheels and crawl from side to side, inch by inch moving forward. By the way, "Makane" appeared, and the intermediate mode of operation of the stabilization system — PSM Sport in which electronics allows it to slide in a controlled drift, while its angle will not exceed 30 degrees. Now you will be driving? But instead of a frozen lake we have a site in a couple of hundred metres, and instead of special tires with a 4 mm "teeth" — non-studded tyre Pirelli Scorpion Winter that is much closer to all-season...

Буксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche Macan

Weather also threw a surprise. Winter, the Arctic, and the thermometer is +3 and rain generously watered a cool way. In Finland, by the way, all hard with speed limits, but on these tires on the "Makani" even allowed "hundreds" seems crazy. Ice terrible! Oh, and here is colleagues from warm Italy jumped into the ditch... luckily, the soft snow allowed us to do without much damage.

Calculator instead of a heart

Which is understandable in such conditions? Yes, the Macan Turbo with the Performance package really fast where the road was strewed with crushed granite, even these Pirelli provided him with powerful acceleration. But it is a regular Turbo was slow? And to unlock the potential of a more sporting chassis and large brakes on the ice could not even Walter Röhrl.

Буксуют все! Тест самого мощного Porsche Macan

Therefore, the extra charge of 550 thousand virtually any for the Performance package does not seem reasonable, and I still remember that red Macan GTS, which allowed me to hang on to the tail of the Porsche 911 convertible, Wencelas violently in steep turns of the serpentine Tenerife. And let him have a minus 80 "horses", but the price is 1.7 million less! But if you suddenly decide to be sure to buy the most powerful and prestigious Porsche Macan, wait version of the Turbo S. I'm sure it will appear.

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