The cat is under the chemistry test most elegant SUV

Кошка под химией: тест самого изящного внедорожника

Velar — the fourth model in the line Range Rover. For the price and size squeezed between the "Ewok" and "Sport". And the boldness of the outfit surpassed, perhaps, all

— In our team enough Russian guys — says a leading engineer of the project Velar mark Burniston. One pros, for example, wrote software for multimedia systems. Cool stuff, huh? Like it?

Кошка под химией: тест самого изящного внедорожника

Why would not have started a conversation about "Velare", he ends the discussion beautiful. Because only by giving in cash the dealer at least 3 880 000 virtually any (or up to 7 more than for the "fully loaded") and getting into the hands of the keys, finally, would you believe it, the concept and production car. Not Long ago, the SUV segment is not agitated by such mods.

Boldly painted, finely made

Don't know how the engineers and stylists didn't kill each other, but the Velar preserved, the conveyor pull-out door handles, wheels right up to 22 inches in diameter, the very slim dot matrix laser headlights (hit 550 m) and the same "digital" interior, where there are only two buttons — "emergency" and start the engine — Yes, one volume knob. And this is not the latest Tesla Model 3, which stupidly stuck a monitor of a home computer. Artistic and uncluttered the interior is painted, not gathered from the fact that under a hand will get.

Кошка под химией: тест самого изящного внедорожника

Perhaps this mental hi-tech the British they dug themselves a hole, because in the background "Velara" other models of the line Land Rover one-stage faded. If not to say obsolete. Fashion is fleeting, but while the new SUV will be snapped up. In just a few weeks after the March premiere of Velar ordered worldwide over 80,000 people. What awaits these people, frustration or admiration?

"Jaguar" became "Waarom"

Don't ask how to open the car after freezing rain and to keep numerous monitors from the scorching sun. Norwegian summer, of course, harsher Moscow, but extreme on the route did not smell. Therefore, until the real winter tests we know only in theory that the retractable door handles operable after "frosty Russian nights" (according to the developers, it's minus 20 degrees), and the displays are cut down when heated to 95 degrees. And to delay unpleasant moment, blind panoramic roof automatically closes when the car is locked.

Кошка под химией: тест самого изящного внедорожникаКошка под химией: тест самого изящного внедорожника

The idea is that the global problems with "Waarom" should not be. Filling the new SUV is largely unified with the crossover F-Pace: they have a common aluminum platform iQ[Al], same wheelbase (2874 mm), double wishbones at the front and Integral Link rear mnogoryichazhka, automated all-wheel drive without the panigacci with the transfer of thrust to the front axle via multi-plate clutch... And why did one of the twins technical crossover, and the second suddenly, an SUV?

Confident not to show off

We didn't want to do another F-Pace with another body, explains mark Burniston. — Velar larger and more expensive Jaguar, he had no reason to compete with Porsche Macan. Our challenge was different — to instill a passenger platform of a typical Range Rover for comfort and improved flotation.

Кошка под химией: тест самого изящного внедорожника

In practice, this resulted in the fact that Velar behaves like a wild cat under sedation. If Jaguar rages and rushes on the road (especially slippery), strongly emphasizing its sportiness and driving accompanying sound effects, the Range Rover even with the biggest, baddest motor — compressor petrol V6 (3 liters, 380 HP, 5 253 000) — flexible, quiet and not tryasuchev.

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