Very off-road “Duster”: 5 reasons to buy (or not)

Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)

Duster Dakar has become the most off-road "Duster" which the Renault sells in Russia. But whether you want to buy it? And if you need something to whom?

In 2013, the queue for the Renault Duster was 1.5-2 years, and the sellers have paid bribes to get a faster car. However now everything is different... not only that, "Duster" and has lost the title of most popular SUV in the country. So we have the French to come up with new "chips". And equipment, Dakar is one of these.

Let's look at five of the nuances of Renault Duster''s version of "Dakar". And not all of them will be positive.

Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)

1. "Duster" — a "jeep"

If you are the owner of "Renault Duster", then be prepared to be surprised. After all, Duster, despite the image low crossover, feels great on the roads — of course, we're talking about all-wheel drive version. If you don't count "UAZ" and "Niva", it is "Duster" with his transmission with a "lock-up" torque between the axles, very short first gear and the ability to disable the ESP claim to be the best "jeep" in the category up to one million virtually any. And even to 1.5 million. And it's not just the 4x4. Duster has small overhangs, at all (!) machines there is a metal protection of the engine. And if desired, the buyer can enjoy even protection for the rear of the gearbox and gas tank (and this is not an option the dealer — put it directly on the plant).

We tested the Duster Dakar in Georgia in the mountains and on the territory Hiragishi desert. Now, the car behaved great. Dirt, high and slippery climbs, rocky areas, permanent diagonal hanging — everything was overcome. Not necessary, of course, to make the "Duster" of the cult, there are SUVs much prohodili. But they are much more expensive (talking about cars).

2. Diesel is better than gasoline

Early diesel "Dusters" almost did not buy. But now they choose as much as 15% of the buyers! It is understandable — the motor is decent. If during the "dollar for 33" 1.5-litre diesel gave only 90 HP, 109 "horses" and, most importantly, 240 N∙m (54% more than the 1.6 petrol). And in the argument of "diesel vs 1.6" victory is given to the first a clear advantage. The 2.0 petrol due to the "horses" (143 pieces) in the asphalt faster. But off road diesel is even more convenient in comparison with 2.0.

Well, about the flow, I generally keep quiet — diesel in town "passport" spends 5.9 l and 2-litre petrol engine requires a 10.1 litres (with a gun — even to 11.3). But in real life the difference may be more. And the service interval from now on a diesel the same as petrol engines and 15 thousand miles (more recently, there were 10 thousand). However, we must remember that the diesel units require continuous operation of a transmission is to give it special meaning there.

Although the features of version "Dakar" no gearbox, no diesel engine. No.

Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)

3. The main problems remained

Despite the emergence of new equipment, Duster Dakar has retained all of its shortcomings. The most serious is frankly outdated automatic transmission. And let Renault say that after a million years of upgrades ACP already does not overheat and does not break out of nowhere. However, firstly, the sediment remained. And secondly, this transmission has only 4 steps. And this in an age when there is already a 10-speed machines!

Enough defects and in detail: the fluid in the washer reservoir to pour extremely uncomfortable, coat hooks, there is no reason, Cup holders on the Central tunnel drives me crazy. Of them at first turn out all right and tries to slide under the pedals.

And here's another: even expensive version of the Dakar, the equipment includes only one pillow. And for the rest (like the ESP system) have to pay extra. Dear French people, it is time to at least a second cushion (and preferably all four) to include in a regular vehicle! They have something more important than floor mats in the cabin or beautiful stickers on the body.

4. Appeared remote heated

Modern "Dusters" with petrol engines can be an interesting option — with the Navigator you get the ability to remotely start the car. Almost like some alarm, only much smarter (and safer, in terms of stealing). So, 10 minutes before leaving the house just turn on the engine. And it can be programmed to run at certain times (and don't even have to press the buttons). Moreover, in the case of strong frosts it is possible to include a warm-up every 2 hours. Someone opened the door or go? Electronics immediately turn off the power unit. But here it should be noted — like "chip" can get the usual Duster.

5. So what is the point of the "Dakar"?

Look carefully at the picture below. Here you'll find all the differences version the "Dakar". And realize that the most important feature of Dakar is not the presence of black disks (they are in the configuration Luxe Privilege). This fender flares and moldings on the front doors. And floor mats in the cabin.

Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)Очень внедорожный «Дастер»: 5 причин для покупки (или нет)

Now let's count and think who would need the "Dakar". For example, take the so any us diesel.

Duster Dakar Duster Luxe Privilege
The price of The car 982 990 RUB. 989 990 RUB.
Metallic paint 15 990 RUB. 15 990 RUB.
The Safety package of the (4 pillows) 16 990 there are in equipping
ESP 15 990 RUB. 15 990 RUB.
Ashtray and cigarette lighter 1 990 RUB. 1 990 RUB.
Multimedia package (navigation, rear view camera, rear Parking sensors, rear electric Windows) 26 990 RUB. 14 990 RUB. (Parking sensors and rear electric Windows are in the vehicle)
Package protection Protection (protection gear and gas tank, radiator mesh, etc.) 10 990 RUB. 10 990 RUB.
MISSING leather interior fender flares, floor mats in interior + decorative attributes Dakar version.
THE FINAL PRICE 1 071 930 RUB 1 049 940 RUB.

And if you studied the table, then realized — the most expensive of the possible "just" Duster with all the options at virtually any cheaper 21 990 "Dakar"! He had no arches and floor mats, but has leather interior.

So the choice turns easy: skin against arcs (and mats!). Well, what you need — everyone decides for himself.


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