X-class — new frame Mercedes for the price of the SUV

Х-класс — новый рамный «Мерседес» по цене паркетника

It will be a bomb: the first truck Mercedes-Benz decided to sell for as much as asking for a small crossover GLA! That's just a new model, frankly, not very "Mercedes"...

Who will tell — will not believe. Like a real Mercedes star on the grille, but with unpainted black bumpers, stamped wheels, manual transmission and fabric seats. Alas, our own eyes have we not seen this, but look at the picture below — basic pickup X-class like that! And that's fine. Or awful? In any case, for 37 thousand euros will not buy a SUV and a full-frame SUV famous brands.

Why X-class out cheap?

Those who watched our live stream news, you know why the first pickup happened by the standards of the brand are relatively affordable — to create a passenger car, the Germans attracted Renault-Nissan. Franco-Japanese Alliance was recently debuted generation model of Nissan Navara and Mercedes-Benz have a great desire to be present in all market segments ranging from small cars and ending with the main tractors.

Х-класс — новый рамный «Мерседес» по цене паркетникаХ-класс — новый рамный «Мерседес» по цене паркетника

To rework the original machine mersedesovsky approached with characteristic German thoroughness. Without exception, all exterior body panels are completely new, and the front part and the cargo platform generally drawn by designers and engineers re-designed! Because it seems that "Mercedes" larger "Nissan"... Or don't you think? Looking at the specs, and if you close the length and height of X-class 70 mm wider than its donor.

What then took from Nissan?

But hidden from the eyes of the owner of components of a ladder frame, the body frame and chassis — Nissan shared. That is correct. "Navara" great suspension — coil springs, fully independent. Though the creators of the X-class has decided that you can make it better, and tweaked chassis, but at the same time the track has expanded by 62 mm front and 55 mm at the rear.

Х-класс — новый рамный «Мерседес» по цене паркетника

In addition, from the range of Renault-Nissan premium beginner perepalo engines, transmission and drive system. Here are the details. Main engine — diesel 2.3 dCi from the Renault commercial models: with one turbine this engine has 160 HP, and with two 190 HP transmission — 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic, but the latter is only available for byturbulence. Oh Yes: still there is a modification with the 163-strong diesel 2.5, but we'll see.

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