About the "farm" or that fits on other cars

Healthy whole.
Yeah yeah yeah I "farmer")))) and I am glad that, to the best of glad.
In August 2016 changed the body pillow. The process simply nowhere:
- dismantled interior
- unscrewed the bottom nut
- raised body (four points is enough)
- dug out old pillows and bolts
- cup brushed, painted.... pushsalom and smeared.
- and collect all the back cushions are suitable by GAZ-53 - engine mount, two included are (one as a small washer hockey, the other (large) flat on one side and rounded on the back side), sleeve you cut from a tube of stainless steel 18 mm, a wall 2 mm, length 42 mm (the sum of the heights of pillows Gas-53), and in the middle it is necessary for the washer to enclose, so to say "utolshit" 4 mm max.
Price cushions 150 rub even Kamchatka (in Vladik, I bought five pieces for 50 rubles a thing), the price of the Japanese ... well, 25-30 thousand per set. Poor farm? Chase for three months, pillows seated in their places, and how family is now

November 9, 2016:.
I have fallen off the amalgam with mirrors headlight reflector, light peel smooth beam in all directions (the treetops perfectly clear))). Climbed on amayamu price 3500 for the reflector, I think it is not justified expensive for what it carryout. I went to the boutiques for domestic trucks, "Ural diesel" is called, there is a reflector with a diameter of 175 mm, the price - 350 rubles. Bought, set and am very pleased that once again saved, and stood like family ... well, the inscription is made there in RUSSIA small and not visible)))))

About the "farm" or that fits on other cars

right of KAMAZ and the Urals like more convex than the Japanese

About the "farm" or that fits on other cars

Put the second , a great light began, though the road is now seen

And earrings Gazelevskie stood as a family, they are 120 mm instead of 90 mm relatives. The price of 250 rubles per plate and 24 rubles for a bolt with a nut ... it is the cheapest lift kit that I have seen)))

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