Antikor bottom + stuff and preparing for winter parking

I will write a post without a photo, so to speak for the preservation of history and general.

First anticorrosive. Last year, I missed this very process because before that blew raststopom consecutive 2 years. This year again, unknowingly came to the raststopny deficit.
( It is important information if you are interested. The last couple of years, since September there is a shortage raststopa in Russia. This is due to the fact that RustStop have quotas ofdiller country that declares at the beginning of the year and pay at the same time. And as the crisis we have the buy in the butt and the end of the year comes to an end except for the not threaded liquid grow in cans )

By this it was decided to be blown by grandfather - pushsalom. And to give the old recipe of modern gloss pushsalo was involved with Dinitrol. It blew out the bottom only. Body cavity and treated as raststop will appear.

Well and the second before long "sludge" can you do small things.
- shpritsovka cardan
- connected lights on the rear gate (lights GRZ, finally, the third stop and put the wiring for an additional marker to denote a loved one on the road with an open gate)
- installed connectors on the wiring ext. light on the roof
-. Replace the fuel filter. Old opened looked at the state, after all, he was 20k a completely different fuels including TMS. Status filter was quite tolerable. Along the way, he changed the rings-pads on the connecting pipes. Replaced by copper.
- the first attempt to introduce into the seat gidropodvesy failed (My current front seats are too high We will think on what to do
-.. Examples on the back row of seats disko1 It looks bad but it does not stand up because I have. on the arches and on the bottom put noise- and vibration adding about 1cm each side of the run they got in. Also we will think further. I do like the back row with head restraints.

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