Home repairs

In Boucicaut I did not work, as it turned out, none of the castle (larvae), and driving at all was left. It was therefore decided to replace them with either a contract or a new one. However, found in good condition is unrealistic, and offered them for 500 rubles minimum. Buy a new original one for 2000 was not our method, so it was decided to choose from the other cars. From nashemarki we liked by the Gazelle, but the diameter of the lock in her 23 mm and 27 mm is necessary. Then accidentally found by some Chinese Foton truck 1069, looks very similar, decided to order, the benefit they cost 350 rubles kit (two locks + keys). As it turned out they also have a diameter of 23 mm, but the sliding door stood up to cheer on the driver and passenger have to modify a file tab. And yet, I put it under a lock ring spacer between the lock cap and a body to completely Feng Shui was).

Home repairs

left - the new Chinese, on the right - the old original

Home repairs .

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