All hello!))) Here is my next campaign on a visit to Troon. really missed it (Was). I decided to still do something that had long planned - it zavaronka))) tired to be honest pull axis. One out standards for half an hour, and the second is the P ... U! 4 hours I was freaking her slide hammer, poured WD40, a solarium, a warming gas, kicked, and that just did not do, but after kopeck piece zhigulevskogo gathered strength in his fist, said a long spell in the form of a hard mat, and things worked out. Bearings as new, which I was honestly pleasantly surprised. Gears also in good standing. And away we go! welding, bolts and unneeded 20 minutes of time and all 3way lock ready))))

Lock ЁpTA))))

Selphie his mother. the world has infected the topic. Everyone looks at her lips duck, here phot with a garage.

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