Replacement staff additions muzyki- monitoring etc

Replacement staff additions muzyki- monitoring etc

well here. I went to the second month of using music. Basil came from a forum Haylaks4 * 4. I put it exactly the. he was pleased with the cat in the meat varnish). Now installation (physical) I takes about 2 hours. train.
for one and reworked at some points. The fact that this is not my business, and I never did like that for someone, but only the middle yourself, so first prototype of doing it then customize and make operational applicable, as it ergonomic.
in the end that's what happened (see photo) and much truth lies behind the panel) are describing
-. Just add add. Connectors USB for charging phones, etc. (On the panel in the lower part) well, can not be in the car for 2.5 lyama missing vtykalki to charge the phone in the panel, and "the snot out of the cigarette lighter," I do not digest. Now I have three (3) power connector and two USB for flash memory.
All the descriptions below does not touch standard wiring. and does not violate the warranty section!)))
- made output of 12 volts (tail) of the loop recorder for a possible connection of any device (the power cord after ignition)
- set the power supply delay of consumers at the time of starting the engine (starter motor) - use module (Aurdino) power is supplied to the customer after 10 seconds. ie, at the time of the starter motor when the power supply is interrupted and overloaded recorder and radar detector and charge the phone blinks, etc.) I'm from this spared)
- previously hid all the wires snot on the Registrar Radar Detector
- connected full-time rear camera (it is 6 volts)
- Configure button steering

Music It is working correctly and consistently, which undoubtedly pleases. internal memory that that operational missing completely, for it is not worried behold quickly, quickly, especially pleases SCREEN!
that there is in this music, which is not the standard.
Of course, Android. navigation, all I have is now active, with maps Navitel all over the world! Yandex, with its navigation, Google Maps. Well, any existing at the moment)
music on board, two slots USB one I brought to the panel, the second in bardvchke. for flash cards with constant music at the bar what I periodically
under the screen memory card slot, bought 32giga there maps for Navitel and installation program
music can set the off time
that is... -
-when naprier I'm out of the car for a short time, PG (Android) just falls asleep and does not turn off. You can set the 10-30-60 minutes. or off immediately after switching off the ignition.

microphone staff (in the ceiling of toyotovskie) is not engaged, music has its own microphone
CAS bus is not connected, do not listen to anyone who will be something to tell.
buttons on the steering wheel resistive, are programmed in the radio, everything works
Internet in the music I submit, keys in your smartphone access point
eslt note on the panel sailed orange, is the label -.. NFC , who in the course, He will understand. sitting in the car, I just I present to this tag your LG D856), and he includes an access point, I have internet in the car, going out, I present again, and Internet access point your phone is switched off).
Music supports FLAC, more specifically android )) put AIMP application) in my opinion the most decent and optimum application.

during this time that I kavyryal this State, I know how to sew, and what can be problems and how to correct them,
write once - if not to go into the settings gshlubokie the problems will not be by definition) but "we can only dream of peace." I set myself new firmware, a slightly different interface, the system control buttons at the bottom on the gray bar, not in the drain insertion, blue or red squares. There Ruutu permissions. all settings in the Russian language.

music has many additional features that I do not use. You can hang the camera, extra, such as the front parking lot,
can connect the DVR recording (DVR) with the not kavyryalsya. but the wires in there.
can hang the subwoofer and external sources of video and audio (tulips)

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