Replacing a windshield

Here is my windshield, the review does not interfere at all, but the appearance takchi killed tight! Waiting zpshuchku and change the windshield!

Replacing a windshield


Today phoned master which will glue the window, decided to tighten the strap on tighter and ordered head-now, wait until come)))

Then came the happy moment when I came to my windshield!)))

Self cut it using the string as before pasting a new window, the window was necessary to boil the arch! And, accordingly, all the fluff arch anticorrosive putty!

Replacing a windshield

Like all scared looked after cutting glass

There was a time that the car had to overtake from one garage to the other, the distance was 8 km and at the same time as always the law of meanness began to rain, but surpassing it was necessary at the very moment, had to excel)))

Replacing a windshield

so we decided from the rain problem, but have not thought well how to ride these ill-fated 8 km when the visibility is zero)))

But I have a wonderful friend who I thishelp)))

Replacing a windshield

And that's what happened in the end))) I am very pleased with the new overview)) )) Visibility is excellent, just 4k resolution))))

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