Sketches Kung.

Well, finally we ended up with the guys in the workshop floor and do sketches kunga.Dlya bought this profile and started tvorit.Idey completely different, but the basic kung-lengthen a foot, that would be a cabin looked more organically, then do overhang that would not cling to tree stumps and other nerovnosti.S it coped prekrasno.No here on taper on the upper part of the body has Kunga voprosy.Poka dumaem.Eskiz gazelki made in the old style, square corners. Well figured bagazhnik.Ne krasivo.Budem short put long.The roof will do precisely Kung sloping, the shape of the roof mashiny.A here if kung Sause also in the form of the machine, then sit and eat in the winter it is not only possible lezha.Dver decided to do a side, that if to strike the tree or someone will arrive in the ass, then open a kung vozmozhno.Hotya will not be there and the power bumper kalitka.Za basis we take the Australian kung.

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