SWAP – like many in this …

SWAP - like many in this ...

aim to swap in Haiku 3 engine:. 2JZ-GE, 4GR-FSE, 1UZ-FE
Under 2 zhezet digested bell box Ilya of V-max . It is traded on the motor frame buggies (once built). I slow down the flywheel and clutch. Sold without engine with Korobov raztatki for a symbolic 20 thousand.
Bought 4GR-FSE new. Relics normal. Consumption is small. It is worth a penny. Latest version without golovnyakov. I slow down on the selection and automatic selection of hand-outs. Secondary shaft reface etc. As a result, it succeeds on a set of 35's Baja Claw b / y.
Participated in the car assembly friend and classmate. Mark 2 GX71. SWAPO 1UZ, the entire suspension Nissan. Since then it sunk into the soul of this engine.
Kurnul forums. I found a kit to move in! + Automatic transmission. Mileage 40 000 Bought successfully.
Automatic bought from KZN130. Bolt on to the bell 1UZ. Bagel native of the motor.
I Found the first automatic transmission. 10 thousand. But without wings raztatki and ATF level probe. Search Farpost. Found only probe. And the same machine. In the photo - a razdatkoy. 10 thousand.
Going to return the old automatic transmission, they say, did not find the missing parts. All returned, saying h.ёvo looking for ... "
Just food for the second machine...?
I go to the store, look
- Where razdatka
- The declaration is written as:. Automatic
- Evo as the
- I can give an old Run Games razdatku to boot
!. I am watching her. Also there is no backstage)
- A rocker has
-? Was somewhere schA you look
Bought the rocker button on the ruble and went behind the old automatic transmission
-.!! Again hello ! I take away, still your machine! I found parts!
All. The machine purchased. + Probe + drawstring. Button then found new. And the brain razdatki.
grow together. Suspension. Plunged through the hood moving with a gun in the collection.
He underwent 30 mm back mount automatic pillow. Make new motor feet. Pillows - VAZ 2121. We went perfectly. Change is not expensive:. 200 rubles apiece
In the engine shield carved window to spit
Flanges collectors digested to terminals V-band.. Welded new lambda. Collectors basalt rewound the tape.
As long as there is a question of matching electrical AISIN A343LE and 1UZ-FE. Chips are different in the number of contacts.

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