The end of the 2016 season

The end of the 2016 season

Hello I apologize to my readers that recently wrote nothing end of the year at the Abraham, and as it was not up to it.
Still, better late than never with a delay of 2 months writing news)

in October 7th I had to end insurance for AE so I got a friend Ilya Ilyuxa2k and asked podsobit me to overtake Troon for the winter. In 22 hours we rushed me to the country to put the wheelbarrow.

The season was fruitful. It was the first summer when I ride enough to AE. Use it as an everyday car and drive sometimes it worked. So this season I was very pleased in the next hope will still be better)) well, and a few photos. While Elijah raced zafotkal thank him for a photo. The truth is forgotten as the zafotkat drove into the garage (

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