To us came Zimushka-Winter!

To us came Zimushka-Winter!

came to us a real Siberian winter!
Here at the second day of cold pressing to minus 43, and at night to 47 degrees.
A long time since we have no such it was.
and all this is accompanied by thick fog and even during the day the fog is not dispersed.
on Monday, as usual out of the apartment and started warmed machine (the machine park on against the window). Out of the heat I get in the car, on the tidy minus 34. I'm trying to move, but it is so hard and very reluctantly leaves from the yard and the first 300 meters of the food like on square wheels. Webasto and re-enable so little disperse machine. Well, I went to work in the far circle to machine a little warm. To work already podezhal quite cheerfully. In the parking lot of the work was about two or three cars and the service. Later, already from colleagues I learned that in the morning there were 42, and in the afternoon a little let go to 39. I had during the day at least five times to warm up the machine, since the evening of frost has increased. I do not know why it is wrong thermometer. Can exhaust from Webasto near paved. Well, finally today I did not take risks, the machine warmed up in the morning, did not go. On the job I was getting on a city bus. Laugh awake, I entered the bus conductress and ask how much travel, so long ago did not go on the bus.
Well, at the same time a few pictures made. It's only the beginning. The forecast for tomorrow minus 52.
For photo sorry, photographed from the phone and the hands almost numb.
Here's a she, our Siberian Zamushka-Winter.

Today December 21st frost intensifies already day minus 48-50.
City stiffened and plunged into the darkness, only the irrepressible taxi drivers scurry from house to house.
Today commute to work by bus.
Thanks though they run regularly. With the appointment for tomorrow night temperature should start to rise. That is something we will be happy radeshenki 40 degrees! So winter we continued to experience

Today is Thursday 22 December -. The frost does not decrease
Warming to 36 only tomorrow evening will

All pleasant, warm.. and a cozy evening.

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