Another gift.

Yesterday Unscrew and lost nut-kolpachёk with ratchet.
Usually upoteesh it loosened, and then the tank and no.
Anyway, jumped into the storage shed and bought this, and she goat defective, faces a likely key 5-6 mm. cheat you can but unscrew will come
Decided to such a problem because:.

Another gift.
Now you can twist twirl and not straining.
For one machine a gift made in the form of synthetic oil from Lukoil 5v40. It is a pity that the worn out and did not spot test used oil ...
During one of doing nothing has replaced the belt genes and found why the voltage skipped in the range of 1 volt, it was found that the contact snot excitation weakened by 1.5 nuts turn from here and grew legs floating voltage.

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