New car need to insure, or on account of not deliver. Okay, let's insure once in the showroom.
How much it cost?
-Here much.
Okay, I agree.
-Wait twenty minutes, I'll call you.

Passes 10 minutes ...
-You multiplying factor! Will insure?
-Where factor?
-Do you had an accident in the current year.
Do not be, you have something to mess up!
No, the database increases the coefficient specified.
-I this year changed the VU can because of this? It may not take into account discounts on the old slave?
No, judging by the ratio, you have definitely been an accident!
-Well, make out, and then find out.
-Wait, I'll call you.

It takes about 5 minutes ...
-I insure you will not!
-Why ?
-I is in the computer program in the lock, I can not insure a step-up ratio!
Well, okay, what can you do, I'll manage without insurance today ...

The next day, made in insurance designated areas. With this strange factor, but it was cheaper than that offered initially in the showroom before the discovery of this factor ...

The roots of this factor increasing the company Rosgosstrakh, where the whole family insured cars since the beginning of the era of CTP ... Maybe someone knows how to return your MSC
I enter on the page, check the MSC on the basis of X-ray diffraction is now acting bY: coefficient of 1.55, there is no insurance payments
I enter on the page, check the MSC on the basis of X-ray diffraction Wu, who was replaced this year: 1 ratio , insurance payments there.
How is that? Payments were not, there was no accident why the MSC has grown? How to act in this situation?

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