blame nezamerzayku

Good evening everyone! Frosts in Volgograd to hit - 22, as it were the first test of strength and unadjusted after the fall. Ended in a barrel nezamerzayku decided to top up, I think I will look at the same time as there is additional. Pump fares, in all the flows, and already the third winter, and all is well with me, but buzzing as the announcement, but it works. Well, what was my surprise! Flowed dear! Thank God, I really thought ... :). Yes, the long-cherished desire to buy Bosch, tired of listening to gudezh, but somehow put off, well, as usual in the majority. Now of course I understand, you had to buy it is worth not as expensive as it is now. Well, to hell with him, not deadly. He took off the pump (at the entrance is a car), and went home to repair. Disassembled, rubbed, degrease lining place, all on the sealant and gathered back. Photos do not do hands gryaznyuschie. Antifreeze rust color, although changed, but not washed ('ll wash in the spring). Put in place, not flowing, I will look further. Bosch already buying plans. And ... Blame Concha nezamerzayku:)

Good luck on the road


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