generational change

generational change

was made a tough decision to replace the old, his departure a whole new UAZ. He arrived in the morning on the old. I went in the evening on the new.

But although the new car, but it is still ... UAZ came up with the manager for the first time to the car to start the engine. Did not work out. Ah yes, the terminal need to throw in the battery. Open the hood. Does not open. In general, nothing we did not. Call a specialist maintenance.

Of the three white UAZ was not without Attachments no. I had to take a minimum set: toning and anti-corrosive. Draw up the documents, I made the payment, waited in the car wash, and go! Thought all, you can relax:)

It was not there: UAZ does not go! After Filled full tank of each gear change UAZ starts to stop, and pressing on the gas pedal does not work, as if the pedal is disabled ... (((Well, I guess you never know what suddenly gasoline too little. I crawl on emergency gang to refuel., Well, I think, now rush! But no! Again the same story! hobble the dealership! I tell his story. He sits behind the wheel of the technical center specialist, finds all this mess, calling another expert. The two quickly found the reason: all the fault of the brake light switch on the brake pedal! The switch was installed incorrectly and gave the signal to the brain road that the brake pedal is pressed, and they, in turn, turned off the electronic gas pedal! Here is a modern UAZ! 🙂

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