House (small note why I like the Hunter)

House (small note why I like the Hunter)

Hello, friends:!)
Sunny frosty morning I boiled write a few sentences about why I like Hunter. Well, probably not even as much as UAZ Hunter. About SUVs in general, so it is clear:)

At night, I went on business, just hit the post a snowfall. Snow cleaned up and raked in the parking lot and into the pockets. Actually climb the large snow collar? No problem 🙂 I returned to the courtyard, places anymore, except on the spontaneous parking lot near the road, which filled up with snow and ski it is also littered with vigorous trahtorami kommunalschegov 🙂
wheel drive, ponizhaykoy, and quietly climbed into the snow, and more It turned out there 🙂 Taki this stoyanochke I stood and X-trail, which is there to call proskoblil bottom-bumper snow collar, leaving a visible trace. All-wheel drive is certainly good, but the gap is better 😉
I remember when I had the red SEAT Leon4 Cupra all-wheel drive in the winter, I do not get stuck anywhere, of course I would not climb into snowdrifts for clearance so there was a little Fig.
what do I do all that? Speak like we do their eyforiey of 4x4! Long-forgotten feeling of freedom of movement:)

I wish you all good luck, a Merry and good mood in this sunny day:)

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