Lambda probe UAZ and SDC (thought questions waiting Board)

And so all of my previous posts I realized that we do not eat we zhirem benz.
Attend thought buy SDC Why is the soul of the company INNOVATE nicer.
I can not understand that with a motor with a DC drain demand small ...
little poborodziv expanses intrnet I realized that all the 4-wire sensors are the same. Soldered by the Japanese themselves and just bosh and relatives took effect one and the effect it casts doubt on everything.
It is not bad blogged about DK Our teammate ol-ko and the post Here! I Ran for another couple of speakers but right now, and I do not remember.
So what am I talking then sat down I want to attach to your DBP MIKAS 7.2 solutions like Potikha chosen as it can be implemented. But the more to delve into the subject the more I realize that the flow calibration evil ... They sharpened by a certain well, the motor fuel quality condition etc. are taken into account is not specified. head and hands and gives ostolnoe brains dig and dig into the side of the calibration logger and analizachii that the brain dryglom or not. Reflections on vemsah and other systems have been immediately rejected by the price but would not humane and the motor is not worth it definitely! Simply dig directly into the side of the Japanese.
In a network many different tales of broadband probes. There are options for making the handles! But we have time. A handful of chips but ordered that the two months there.

Lambda probe UAZ and SDC (thought questions waiting Board)

Right now I want to buy INNOVATE but can not be determined LC- 1 and LC-2

the difference in price between modelkami not critical but but but the LC-2 can be friends with LSU4.9

at this hour nashol not a bad set of LC-2 Here here
set Description:
ompekt includes a full range of LC-2 namely:
External remote controller Innovate LC-2
Wideband oxygen sensor Bosch LSU 4.9
Device pokazometr Innovate 3794
Weld nut under the SDC
rs 232 communication wires
And almost nothing for mere Kopeck
Old price:! 15,410 rubles . Price. 13 400 rubles

It was also found on another site LC-1 For a more humane price of 8,700 Here

Here take doubt that taking ...
17 number just for a couple or three days will be the man in Moscow who could have brought me these things device differently mail I'll be waiting for him for two months.
it is necessary to define up to this time, to take and where and who will give it all to man. (Zlotoglavoy man does not know at all, and no run-time of any forces it will not have enough of their cases).
From the expanses of the Internet to turn up scraps of information on the difference LC- ovvv
LSU4.9 support Checking.
to test one LC1 was connected sensor LSU4.9 BOSCH 0258017010 in which the connector has been replaced by a failed connector 057
sensor for 2nd ordinary LSU4.2 (057) nominally supplied in the first controller, wherein the sensor has been activated LSU4.9 (c PAK Matrix
as lmconfig does not allow to do so), both sensors are screwed into a single chamber purged with propane from the tank by marching tiles.
The first test showed that the controller controls the heater correctly LSU4.9, as well the fact that the best is to use the same
constants of inclination (0.71428) for all types of SDK (as actually implemented in LM2)!
a little bit about the LC2.
LC2 new controller innovate released in late August of 2013. In fact, the same controller. The sensor is the same. The method works the same. But in the
it still has some changes:
Changed settings storage format and method of programming. The program changes the settings on the line can not work should be
use lmprogrammer.
calibration meter on the free air can not be run with either the serial interface or with the buttons (as before). Only
calibration method simultaneously with the heater after switching from the disconnected connector lambda or reset calibrations heater
Apply other DAC (with the former there were problems with the reliability of the low load-bearing capacity).
Status LEDs integrated in the body.
more competent heater control (corresponding to the firmware 1.21 to LC1) but more prone to overheating probe perhaps not the best
impact on its resources.
LSU4.9 still not supported (for support need another firmware). (But after writing this article, about 3 months
left this firmware is software version 1.02, and LSU4.9 LC2 now also officially supported, and even as an option can be bought with LC2 LSU-
4.9 included)
In general, the algorithm remains the same, but there are slight variations of the calculations were transferred to float, but the same formula.

As I understand protocol and pC have the same ...

Who that advises Comrades? can help any information or anything either.

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