Open circuit Error DPRV

This morning started the car and drove to the business. In the afternoon I sit down behind the wheel and feel the ignition is switched appeared vibration and uneven engine began to work.
Look-board computer. Error - Open DPRV chain, well, I think was ... I'm going home, the car "tupit" scary. I called the master of the Orange garage Dmitry says come see.
come, first tried to remove DPRV sensor. With or without sensors, the machine is running "smoothly, troit engine and sausage." Again, the problem due to "recent replacement timing chain for inexpensive"
Do nothing we reveal the valve cover. The phases are gone and the chain slack out of it. Phase exposed now the chain is sharp. "Putting it all back.
Sensations. Previously, it was at idle 1.3 now 2.1, the master said that this is normal," a ride and see what happens as the timing chain of the work. "
Lower Star We watched since it is again "the same work as the change timing chain and the price will be 10tr"
Generally this way the day went.

on the timing replacement work 4500 (cheap but continue to correct the doorsteps of this work), and for about the top 5 mp gave Dima top (for the first time all of the bolts are not screwed, second time today, opening the valve cover and the nomination phase ).

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