Pneumatic. 1. Start.

I began slowly to gather the components for the construction of pneumatic
So, as one of the intended use of the machine -. "Technicals" - have a good compressor and a spacious receiver Wheel pumping his comrades quickly we must. Use of the system is planned in the future of course wider until plans to open early - therefore need to be "stock"
The heart of the system will be the aggressor AGR160 with an impressive 160 liters per minute and 8 atm.. (Kg / cm2), receiver 30 liters (for now), a pressure switch, a stub pipe and connecting the front and rear. Hide all farm plan in the side chest-bench

The first step - the compressor was purchased Friday

Pneumatic. 1. Start.

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grade neplohaya- adapters for inflating all different - balls, mattresses, cycling cameras old, a set of 7 adapters for boats

Pneumatic. 1. Start.

This morning I tried out, and immediately got out "FI."- Metrov- hose 8 is good, but the compressor is about the battery - the power consumed in watts to do-not long wire option, but in the process pump gauge" lying ", it is necessary to stop the pump and watch how many actually
After running around. machines, finally strengthened with the thought - "this will not work" and "len- engine of progress" - as a result dokachivaet-doproveryal normal compressor 220 with the "gun" - privoloch his home seemed easier

. While suitable glands on the receiver is not picked up, will look.

to be continued ...

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