Purchase, stage and first impressions.

26.11.2016 And so it happened. UAZka purchased. Inside, take out insurance and changed the wheel during the winter.
For movement in the conditions of our winters were bought Pirelli Formula Ice 245/70 R16 107T. Tires embarked on native stamped discs. From the saloon car was equipped with a jack and balonnikom.
We left the cabin, and immediately at the gas station. Filled both tanks and then it turned out that determine the level of fuel in the tanks of the instrument is not possible. The device showed even the position of the moon and the direction of the north but not the amount of fuel in the tank. Well nothing. We know that the full cans are also splashed ... Let's go. There is not gone. The road should be distant at least need to stock up.
We stopped to shop. That's the beauty of the Russian brand. Everything is. True to the question whether there are belts for UAZ HUNTER heard the question - tion how long? Oops ...
About 30 minutes spent on finding long set of belts. Now I know -. 6RK1195 belt steering, alternator belt 6RK1275
Just had bought rugs in interior and luggage compartment, a fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first aid kit, and a heater and radiator fluid to the washer reservoir.
Compressor was taken with him from Surgut.
Now go. The clock 12 days. We leave from the Tyumen and Tobolsk are moving towards.
Temperature outside 0 degrees. Going off with a fan oven. (Actually it is terribly noisy even in first gear)
As soon as left the track counter flow start folding mirrors. What would tighten mounting no key. Need a 10 "tube." We stop off at a roadside store and acquire a key and integral cigarette lighter splitter. It was found that the normal uazovsky cigarette lighter is not suitable for charging our cell phones. deep slot. Mirrors tightened and adjusted. We continue to move. Going to a rear wheel drive.
Since the temperature around zero and snow starts to fall apart and have to use the wipers omyvayki. And now it turns out that the windshield washer nozzles are adjusted ... or rather not handled. We call in to refuel, fill them in the left tank and get on the cashier clip. Adjustable nozzles and continue the path.
Closer to Tobolsk temperature is reduced and sometimes get into a blizzard. Stove is not include but the window has closed. UAZka behaves perfectly. Motor hums, coolant temperature 80, a speed of about 75-90 km / hour.
Night falls. Lights were adjusted and the light perfectly. Closer to Surgut, the temperature dropped to -20 degrees. Oven operates at the first speed. Very noisy, but in the cabin heat, the glass is not addictive. I understand that you will need to install heated mirrors. Patchy ice on the road. I try to go to all-wheel drive. And then, under the gas discharge, razdatka recalls its existence. Oh recalls (growl) I decided that everything will fall apart out there now. Turn wheel drive and continues to move in the background. Not very comfortable because for many years I go to a four-wheel drive vehicles. I decide to deal with the house growling monster. I plan to appease a sufficient number of good (no liquid) oil.
In Surgut entered 27/11/2016 at 00:30. Total it took 12.5 hours. It's not bad.
The next day UAZka was washed through and put on record.
two days later the same day he first got into the clutches of dealership professionals. He checked the availability of oil in the aggregates and tried proshpritsevat cardans. In the process of all I did not leave him the procedures for a minute. And no wonder ...
In the box bridges and oil was enough and it was light, and with the Republic of Kazakhstan drained a glass of something dark. Brrr
And then the master was going to fill in Kazakhstan oil 75W90 GL-5. Since the service oil GL-3 was no specification (Of UAZ dealer) then poured GL-4
Then, when it appeared that extrusion of cardan cross proshpritsevat they can not -. No adapter
Proshpritsevali just slotted pieces.. THIS SERVICE UAZ CARL!
All. Done. Let's go from here.
Next on the plan: Anti-corrosion treatment, vibration insulation, Updated regular stove and an extra, and so on and so forth
Results:. UAZka liked, peppy engine, the road is stable, speed and power grabs <. p1>

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