Rental winter

The car I have is in the country, and last month I was in town ... And finally, I came to the country, has seen the car rolled in the cold of -20. Battery 60-ka after months of inactivity in the cold sluggish motor turns 2.9, without charging does not start. But on the way through the snowdrifts and over the parapet went easily, thanks in part to oil transmissiionnomu semi-synthetics. Also riding is not just, moved refrigerator, climbed with ease, although about 1.8 m high ...
Tried and snowdrifts on the depth))) if the yard in the snow was not too much, not more polkolesa, the field on the bumper and above, but because of the crust to him I did not get)) well, and thanks to the work of frost checked the stove. Stove though homemade, but nice and warm frontal blowing strong. Once the engine is warmed up to 40 and just above the glass starts to move away, and quickly enough, that pleases, however, it remains glass middle, and the side windows almost do not depart for short trips, but after 10 minutes the side windows partially thawed, slightly visible mirror. It will be necessary to come up with the side air vents, air ducts connected to the windshield, blowing strong and clearly handle, nozzle diameter of the duct on the glass significantly smaller tubes that go from the stove. Drilling and cutting panel sorry, I'll try to do without it.
I, despite frost -20, managed to sweat, and therefore the driver's side window doors constantly freezing ... In general, the heat in the car, though brief trip.
frozen and icy roads, in connection with the ride on him all-season tires mud is more like a ride))) tires kontayr Expedition, not grass. It seems to be holding, but break on skid, so all catch the car))) in general, the ride can be, but the tires do not like ice ...
And in spite of this machine is quite confidently moving both on roads, and the drifts, that can not but rejoice))
About the snowdrifts - went alone and sat close to the road))) return at least close! Veered off the road, food, visible track that suddenly break off, do not attach importance to, tried on, see kiddle, entered and broke in, opened the door and she scrapes the snow)) seine depth of 50-60 cm, and the top crust, which I I walked and almost fell through! It turns out that other car sat before))) Big snow shovel solve))) frame, bumper and bridges simply hung on a snowdrift, digging. And it turned out that the ice under the snow, but no locks. A spade is not saved, used a hydraulic jack under the bridge, raised, thrown to the side, and is easier. Dug up, rode back and tried to get on, and over 3 meters sit))) repeatedly digging and decide to go home. Today, adventure enough)))
Well, a couple photos))) last shows not only the tracks in the snow, but also how quickly it gets dark in the winter ...
PS though vas very specific machine, but to my liking) ))

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