Replacing the heat sink. Part 2 and the last

Went home for the weekend, established a radiator, but again not enough time, because there were difficulties. After vkoryachil radiator under the hood, I had to crawl under the machine itself, and the garage is unfortunately no holes to fasten the oil cooler pipes and fix the radiator in the grooves, tubes planted in the sealant tightened clamp the lower pipe, and then noticed that the fan blade rests to protect the radiator. Radiator is exactly in the grooves, drop the nowhere. Got out, I looked down, on top of the gap 2 centimeters, slevasprava to 1 centimeter, but the bottom there is no gap at all. He began to examine everything and everywhere, looked at the old radiator and understood why protection from the bottom of propylene and bent hacksaw. Thought to do the same with her, but this is not the case, it should stand as a native. Maybe on the main engine mounts should be washers or spacers? Just engine was shot, his capital, and eventually bolted iron to iron, I'm certainly no expert, but this is just a centimeter and would put everything in its place.

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