Sorrows post.

word echoes accident all come and go. The other day, all manifested in a heartbeat at the helm of the 100 and higher speed. Following all the rules and Score hundred so run out and that's it. Popped into the tavern, both front wheels removed and what do you think? The left wheel has asked the usual norm, all the rules all the same tires as the right to request a new 80 and 150 grams. These are the pies. The disc can be seen on the stand not only eight but apparently the square. So for now I spare wheel hanging disc with the general balancing of about 200-250 grams (photo then strip off for the darkness and the camera down to the bottom of the phone). Such news.

From the pleasant waiting silicone from Vladivostok, these nozzles has two small nishtyachkah will be a separate entry.

Good luck!

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