The interior heater on "Audi" stood as the "home"!

The interior heater on "Audi" stood as the "home"!

At this time, I will be brief and do without an artistic description of the process of detection of standard compatibility uazovsky housing interior heater air intake with cabin heater housing from Audi. I can only say that this thing gets to the place of full-time "how it was" only have sealing strips on the edges of paralonchika glue.

Pros: 2-row aluminum radiator (system of two-zone "climate control") with pipe D = 14mm, which fit perfectly into the regular holes for hoses on the body, a plurality of ducts which make it possible to organize the flow of heated air in the right places, multiple valve ducts, allowing maximum comfort to distribute the flow of air.

Cons: The system is equipped with control valves mikroreduktorami, when removing the need to install that a large number of control cables, "upper" duct installation on 452 without tie-in "torpedo" is useless, and for the organization of the "middle" blowing have to move radio, as exactly in the middle "torpedo" accommodate "defroster" from the air "mean" blowing. Another pair of ducts for heating the rear passengers' feet during the installation are directly above the petrol crane and blow in the "hood".

In general, I'll put myself. The appearance, installation and marking of this miracle in the photos below:

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