The new console from 4x4magazin

Ur, having sustained a slight pause after the dialogue about the broken remote 4x4 magazin store manager gave the answer that they are willing to send me a new console, and any TC, I was happy, the only wish was good packaging console, and maybe was not so important, sent as a result SDEKom for delivery paid as much as cost another similar remote at ali, but not the point, I am pleased that the shop is still cherishes reputation and to make concessions, because the situation was really ambiguous, on the one hand poor packaging, with other careless attitude in the TC, in response tothanks for good this time packaging and understanding I was told "if this time by sending again drove truck would be the same as the first," although the photo is possible to determine that from the truck would have been all the chips, and suffered only a large console. I suppose that the sending of the new finding carried out my review in q2, so thanks again to shop for your understanding, as a result enjoyed it, I think I will order more.

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