What's next? Thinking out loud.

What's next? Thinking out loud.

Suddenly nagryanuvshaya winter slowly gave time to think about the direction in which to develop the car.

studying forums and magazines in search of the optimal solution, I got the information, but did not receive answers to their questions. Most issues became even more. How many cars as options and improvements - someone in that much. Someone got into the hands of welder ... How much you can do with one welding machine! And someone came across probably podzavalyavshuyusya on the shelf, grinders. Well, what can not Bulgarian?

Well, in general, my "sparkling" humor, which is probably quite and humor about what people are doing in different ways, often as bud from the fact that it was at hand. I also would like to keep some canons spend tuning without obvious features kolhozinga.

Although, in recent years, boundless imagination and restless hands of our man was the limit, as the winter a sudden, but already managed to become so expensive technical regulations, though not all retreat, many are still loyal to the glorious cause. So I decided to remain in the drain can not be, not very much to stand up for the line of the law can be.

I understand that from the UAZ make sports equipment when preparing his other taiga and such.

do not really understand the desire to make of the Hunter Gelika. Here, in principle, the grandmother could theoretically take an ax and stay in the role of grandparents, but my grandfather as my grandmother even represent do not want to, if you know what I mean. Why in hunter push dviglo 300 mares, interior trim leather, put chrome wheels on low-profile tires and 25? No, I understand why they do, but do not understand why it should be done.

By the way, I do not really understand the concept and Patriot as the frame, part-time four-wheel drive, bridge, urban SUV in the low-profile slicks. Animal faithfully cats and dogs cleanliness. Well it could be refined, but the plant does not provide for additional permitted. equipment. Well, I'm not on it

In general, my choice. Moderately, but angry, brutal, but tasteful. And now I do not know how and what to do in this direction.

Estimated operating mode: a lot of asphalt, with a stop in the most unexpected places

Want 33rd size because.. they are "big and beautiful" and the cross-over to them. But 32 is not much different. And already in thought and 265/75/16 admit. From the obvious drawbacks increasing the wheels assume an increase in fuel consumption. Who has experience respond.

By disk crash is also not clear. From 0 to infinity. I tend to zero. I'll then line Meret. But there is possible to measure the ruler on the ideas you need to dress and look. Or peek at people.

How to push .
Alternatively elevator hodovka 3-5 cm. I consider it a last resort. Intervene in the design, not without reason, the engineers designed it so, not like

Lift Body to consider at all:. Those. Regulations hate orders and then the center of gravity, etc.

The most viable option is the installation of cutting arches expanders. So what that the new - "... There is no pity in me, and for good reason ...»
Maybe someone knows where Peter can competently.! cut the arch, and then what do not call after the issue of the arches begin trimming troit. They do not want or can not, or something else.

Road performance.
Castor 8 degrees, the replacement of springs, shock absorbers, springs. I know that the maneuverability of the dam Castor suffer, but it is willing to accept for the sake of exchange rate stability.

Replacing the clutch. And of course something else, I can not remember now. Fill then.

Replacing the stove on us. Replacement of mirrors in regular nihchego not visible. Installation of sound.

Other (but not least)
Power bumper that can stop those who are unable to stop himself. The front bumper is not flashy, not to have experienced guys in uniform. Back to the gate under the spare tire. The winch some, a good course.

While all. Tired of writing already. The approximate balance of this. Gradually I will fill the post of research and thoughts.

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