600 “green” horses: hybrid coupe, Polestar is already provided

Production of the new coupe deployed at the factory in China.

Polestar, which became an independent brand, has introduced its debut model. The firstborn, which "begot" without the participation of Volvo, was named No. 1. The model turned out to be is a hybrid, it is classified by the brand as a Gran Tourer.

In particular, the coupe is equipped with 2.0-litre petrol engine and pair of electric motors. The total output of the plant is 600 horsepower, and torque is about 1000 Nm. Only one electric traction "the First number" can drive 150 km, However, the dynamic characteristics of the coupe.

A new car built on the chassis of a Volvo, but the Polestar say that 50% of the platform components of the coupe were created by specialists on their own. Most body panels of the model made of carbon fiber, which allowed to save on the weight of about 230 pounds and 45% increase in body rigidity.

Even Polestar 1 became the world's first car to receive the active suspension system CESi from the company Öhlins. The new architecture assumes the availability of electronically controlled valves in the suspension struts, which, depending on driving style and road conditions, stepless change the stiffness. However, to control the suspension settings and the driver.

Also unusual will be the way of marketing the machine: the company will only use online sales, though, according to the scheme to 2-3-year "subscription". The total cost of cars is not yet known. The production Polestar 1 will establish the company in the Chinese city of Chengdu.

Note that in the Polestar also managed to hint at their future models. So, in 2019, will appear fully electric Polestar 2. Then number 3 will enter the market as a compact crossover, which will also be full of electric vehicles.

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