All home: Yamaha is preparing a Grand stand for the motor show in Tokyo

Japanese manufacturers are extremely reluctant to reveal the card to open the home auto show.

Before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo auto show left for about a week, but automakers are still not in a hurry to share information about planned premieres. And while the press centers in the Country of the rising sun never descended to "organised leaks", it is necessary to collect information bit by bit.

Don't ask why: often quirky, but extremely high-tech development, shown in Tokyo, and "stay in Tokyo" without getting the status of the serial car. But sometimes that's where upsets are born.

The company Yamaha, according to their nemnogosloven employees, will exhibit at the Tokyo stand more than 20 vehicles, and not all of them will be two-wheeled "metacyclophane". Six new products will have the status of international premieres, four for the first time will show even the "internal user".

At least now you know of at least one prototype, built on the grounds of the mid-engined Sports Ride Concept, which Yamaha showed here, in Tokyo, in 2015. We are talking about a compact double sports car in the spirit of the futuristic Lotus Elise, weighing more than 900 kg are located in the 100-strong turbomecanica.

Another debutant, and received at least four wheels, will retain some distinct features of the motorcycle. For example, the ability to lean in corners. I confess, the topic is difficult to call a fresh, but a large spread in the world a four-wheel vehicle it is still not earned. Yamaha MWC-4 — actually, ATV, preserved, thanks to a complex suspension design, the ability for the motorcycle to tilt in turns.

As it's a serial to rival the Renault Twizy, MWC-4 is driven by an electric motor, however, unlike "French", "Japanese" is equipped with engine range-extender for recharging the battery. He also has a covered cab and a motorcycle wheel.

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