Blankets for the motor.

Blankets for the motor.

Here I must confess - avtoodeyalo, well, not the most necessary thing for a machine
But for some reason, I wanted to make a gift to Darth Vader.. And the best gift is, as we all know, a gift made by your own hands. Work - for half an hour. Why not.

Bought fabric fire. It was for the 320r., But calculated on the 300gr., And has been for the 370r., But on the 600. Oh, walk, so walk! Beru for 370. Still, in the hardware store bought basalt wool in rolls of 50mm. Do not pricked by the way.

Went to Auntie familiar seamstress.
Work in general, then, a simple-minded - stitched pillowcase was put into the cotton, stitched. I would like to have been more stitch, quilt, or do not know how well it's called ... Blankets but stubbornly refused to go into the sewing machine. For this, please manually. This is what would wool inside are not pushed and not dumped

Fleece Blankets Dimensions 1.5m to 1m from the radiator slightly longer -.. 1.3 m

Well, in general, Che - opened the hood, bed admired, started the car. Waiting.
Engine running, the exhaust smoke from spreading in the frosty air, sparkling snow ...
I feel already froze ears.
wiped snot sleeves and climbed into the cabin. Sit. Waiting. I Feel - Ass freezing. Oh yeah, I heated and not repaired! It would be necessary, ever do that. Maybe next time will be in the winter?
Got. I smoke. Arrow persevered read zero.

Come on. I jump back in the car, I press the gas home.
On the way, engaged in dialogue with its own placebo effect. Placebo I spoke -
- Here, Do you hear how dviglo quickly warmed, Do you hear
-? Come on, odd is not particularly heated
-! No, no, here's a couple of kilometers will pass, and you know what's roasting popret!
- I think you're kidding
-. You're just a bore! Right now that's offended and never again, you hear me - I will never again give you a sweet feeling of self-deception

Ahead home windows!. They lured me a foretaste of the heat, dinner and internet
I looked at the arrow -. The temperature closer to serёdke. And what it was last night? I do not remember exactly
We ought to have somebody vytsyganit imager and play around with it a couple of days
For one thing -.. A sensation, and another thing - the numbers.

Auto blanket cost me seven hundred rubles and a large chocolate bar for aunty. Probably, it was possible to buy, so be a little more expensive ... But the feeling of something made with your hands - is priceless

Oh yes, I remember, that's what else do I need this Blankets - every winter I'm stuck. Well no of course, I'm stuck in the same summer, and fall and spring. But it was winter, it turns out that I visyu frame on snow bank, and get off this snowdrift is possible only by podkapyvaniya shovel and lying in the snow.
And here again - I pull out from under the hood a warm blanket, lay down on it and digging! Beauty !

Record Added 06.12.2016
- minusik showed little snow on the bonnet does not melt.
The machine is always on the street, and the snow every day grows on centimeter))

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