Car of the week: Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The main autumn new product of the automotive market of Ukraine, without exaggeration, is a presentation of the updated business sedan Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The car was shown in the framework of the project of the Mercedes-Benz Hospitality Trip 2017. The novelty was so desired and expected by the fans of the brand that a month before the official presentation has already been bought by several cars. Prices in Ukraine will start at 73 Euros 152.

The market launch of the new flagship of the brand with the MR 222 index brought a lot of new solutions, the main of which is a smooth transition of the company to the use of inline 6-cylinder engines instead of V-shaped "eights".

For the S-Class among the wide engine range also available in three new engine: 6-cylinder in-line petrol and diesel and a twin-turbo V8. The power units are allocated an excellent indicator of the economy. By the way, the car with a new diesel engine in the S350 d version will consume no more than 5.5 liters of fuel per 100 km.

“Best of the Best”

This is the only motto has long produced premium models of Mercedes. The S-Class is about a 10% market share of all sold Cars in Ukraine is one of the most important models after SUV class. Customers will be able to order any of the three variants of body length, and occupies an exceptionally high position of the updated Mercedes-Maybach.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

For its passengers, the Mercedes has prepared a number of changes in terms of security. In addition to the auxiliary and Parking packages, this vehicle is equipped with an active warning system about speed limits and improved systems Distronic and Pre-Safe Plus. Using these systems, the vehicle, for example, automatically increases the speed after leaving the zone of action of the restrictive signs. And similarly, is able to slow down before the area with roundabouts, intersections or places of payment for the fare.

An important decision in the course of studying the needs of their clients was the transfer by the Germans of most of the critical functions of the vehicle control on the steering wheel. Without taking your hands off the steering wheel to get to the beat mood will be up and running in a series control system Energizing comfort. One of its functions, for example, is recognizing the mood of the driver and selecting the appropriate color of illumination of salon or one of six types of massage in the multicontour seats. Mersedesovsky Soon plan to abandon the use of the touchpad.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz V250d

The changes relate to serial use a new grille, formerly installed only in the version of the S600 with the V12 engine. The car received new bumpers with large air intakes and two new head light system. Optional Multibeam illuminates the road at a distance of 650 metres.

More aluminum

As before, the car is 4-link front suspension and multilink rear. But lately Mercedes has campaigned for the active use of "cruise stuff", so fenders, hood and roof, as well as some other elements of the new sedan are made of aluminium.

The real novelty was the use of the new 9-speed automatic transmission 9G-Tronic. It can be ordered in any modification other than the performance of S600, where due to the large torque of 830 Nm from its use had to be abandoned.

Not be “automatic” and powerful versions of the S-Class. We are talking about two models with the prefix AMG. And the “youngest” of them, the S63 AMG 4Matic + got a new engine – a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to 612 HP with a torque of 900 Nm. And it is on this version will be available at the Race Start function for rapid acceleration when revving above 4000 rpm, is particularly relevant to all-wheel drive version of the S-Class.

Despite the General trend noticeable volumes of downsizing engines in Ukraine is still very popular cars with the volume of "eyeballs". Despite this, there is a growing interest in hybrid versions. In the spring of 2018 it is expected the emergence of a version of the 560E with a hybrid power plant.

On autopilot

Parallel to the growing popularity and another "fashion" functions – Autonomous piloting of the vehicle. In the new S-Class is set to automatic pilot, able to make their own decisions and execute actions within seconds.

But if this feature can be activated at any point of the globe, the fully Autonomous use of the sedan in Ukraine is not provided. This is despite the fact that the S-Class became the first car independently moved down the conveyor without a driver. In addition, among his achievements be attributed to the independent arrival of a hybrid version of the S-Class presentations (to get, among other things, had more than 100 km).

We have all these futuristic features can not be used due to legal troubles. Question promise to start in 2018, but the dealers, meanwhile you can safely order quotas more solid: we have Mercedes-Benz S-Class love not for the ability to get to the point "B".

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