Everything in its time … yeah, right now, the

Well, that's one winter diesel. After reading the forums learned a lot of things. Forewarned is forearmed. Since on my cub no Paging Solarium, I decided to introduce a cheap but correct decision pears. It was the purchase of another at the end of the summer, but due to the well-known state of mind at home and lay waiting in the wings. Katori oddly enough came at a time when I was at home and on the road or somewhere, or country. All this happened just in the cold at least -25. Well, never mind the implementation was fast, easy swing of wire cutters and a fuel line divided in half, and there is already flaunts it.

Everything in its time ... yeah, right now, the

at its new location

turned all the easier, meyan Tupa It ended diesel fuel due to a faulty fuel sensor. All would be good, but it was not there.
After poskakushek with this case, I have burned a candle glow. In consequence of that the launch was like a game of roulette. Fortunately it is warming and I could safely travel. There were candles and a couple of the order intake gaskets.
TagAz 6020960080 Gasket intake duct
TagAz 6621410280 Krümmerdichtungen intake

Everything in its time ... yeah, right now, the

I decided to try them

Well, as always warmly passed, it's cold. But nowhere to go candles came, should be changed. Pulled out of the city where the -16 to the country where all the tools and what that -25, well at least there were no snow.
Just walked up the oil change period, so the first thing coming to replace oil and immediately proceeded to the removal of the intake tract until lukewarm .

Everything in its time ... yeah, right now, the

Remove and see black

Everything in its time ... yeah, right now, the


Everything in its time ... yeah, right now, the

well, there is no better
Remove the intake has been very not difficult, but to change the candle 2 cylinder without removing it seems to me this is the case for about zhzhёnyh perverts:)
Actually anything difficult, to twist and spins, sometimes remembering what there mother
Further decided. wash inlet attempt failed. At -25 to do it just not worth it. So I will shoot all summer and cleaned, machined in a single plug for normal EGRa.
Generally, something like this, spending half a day in the cold, I was pleased with the result. Plant now even with remote - 20 Beauty

Good luck to everyone and is

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