How to choose the springs with mutually exclusive parameters … or chorus, no!)

How to choose the springs with mutually exclusive parameters ... or chorus, no!)

How to choose the spring mutually exclusive features on? So I stepped on the same rake as many taygerofoby, korandofily and musovedy. Went beaten track and put the springs on the rear suspension of Phobos with front suspension UAZ Patriot, it seemed that would be more willing to owner "frenzied" truck cab Kremenchukskogo car factory! (Sorry for the plagiarism, one good man, or rather his wife)!) Spring height 445mm, diameter of bar 15 mm, an outer diameter of about 150 mm, it would seem, live and be happy, but there is somewhere in the depths of the soul, but very deep, constantly going on the eternal struggle between two creatures of God, large amphibians and small worm, and the value does not imply superiority of one over the other, and of the result of this struggle, the pain train (ie the place where they begin to grow legs and not only they have "worse" half of humanity, but what have the "best" she's the best, so maybe they are better !) from the constant kicking in this place when driving through speed bumps and the idea and tries ugh. why do I put these reinforced springs from the Oise to the thickness of the bar 15 mm.
And the brain behind motivated by its opposite, but also because with 2 hemispheres, and began scuffling to find springs zhiperov satisfy US specifications, and is to and endless Russ mother can shove across harvested field stubble with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour and at the same time to jump over ravines and potholes as a happy kangaroo and land not as a sick frog belly, but as a powerful panther, or at least as a March cat paws . And that, according to our domestic roads, and here to hell with import substitution, were they better than imports, to move comfortably and does not flinch as the patient nag cling rump on both hind legs of each "roughness" of which we have in the Saratov region abound directions at locations where road surfaces must be!
Soooo here polazil I'm on the internet, ie Google and found a good site avtobukvar which scored the required data on the spring, and found her darling 14 mm rod, 148 outer diameter 440 length forms of SS factor, and most importantly have the item number 16032 who hammered the same Google get it Lesjofors brand spring from the front axle wagon Mazda, asking not to be confused with SPR16032 this from Opel Zafira, is not, and still have an analogue KLAKSON16032, it then looking at one of the resources zezap, nobody is Of course I do not call for the selection, it's just I like it, I ordered it on a pair of plunger injection pump, in4 times less worth than ...
Well, then posted screenshots from the resource korandovod, the most typical and interesting again for me, a torment of choice, from Gelika to ayronmenov and tachdogov to sanenengov, but almost all review one - bought put not so hot, but I like, poezzhu look, and then change my fucking like mine straight from Phobos!)

this catalogs of other manufacturers of springs, but for him to look for something, it is very dreary occupation and hitched here so just in case, well, or can someone come in handy!) / file / d / 0 ... vte3bX0h1ZnNULXF0S3c / view file / d / 0 ... vte3bN18xRFdXLVhJYTQ / view
chorus there.
To be continued ...
thank you all for your help, who helped her willingly or not willingly, intentionally or by accident! (Well, not just like the Oscars or not election)
PS: Well, with all punctuation are now ok? )) Especially for fussy!)

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