little about poetry

Prordolzhu lyrics.
This is what pleased Me, and this is quite cool modern 9po)

Ballad of nails

Easy tube finished his until the end,
Calmly smile wiped from his face.

"command in the front! The officers, forward!"
Dry steps commander is.

And the words are equal to a full-length:..
"anchor eight course - ost

who wife, brother -
E-mail, we do not come back

But is notable bowling "
and older answered." Aye, captain!"

But the most daring and youthful
I looked at the sun over the water

." Does it really matter, - he said, - where
More? lying quietly in the water ".

Admiral ears prostukal dawn:
" Order executed. There is no escape "

Nails used to do of these people:.
Harder it were not in the world of nails

Nikolai Tikhonov, member of the first. world war II and it is written about Russian crews of the destroyers of the war, when they went to the guaranteed death willingly in svyatoly traditions of Russian sailors

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