"Necessity is the mother of invention", or how to get UAZ without crane

happened not with our UAZ. Uncle (the other, not one that the plant uazovsky engines worked) also bought a goat a year after us. Also I had to Kiriyenko. He wrapped up the road to the cottage (right), but it did not fit and two-wheel drive ended up in a ditch, and the bottom of the UAZ sat on the edge of the pipe, which passes under the water exit of the highway. The two right wheels almost hanging over the road to the Congress. They called the men from the country. Those say, 'Well, just tap! " Cell was not there. Crane is also not a lot of rides on the road. And the money for the crane also not accumulated. Uncle thought. I cut down a couple of sapling at the roadside and on the cleared branches. Trunks inserted under the seat through the open door of the right side of the machine. 8-10 men hung on tree trunks and put his weight UAZ right wheels on the road. The left wheel stuck in the air. Someone took the wheel and drove out of the ditch UAZ on two wheels! Here is a life hacking out of 90! Himself was not an eyewitness. This story from his uncle. If someone is thinking about locking differentials: Uncle UAZ "the military" the bridge was. It seems like such bridges limited slip differential interwheel.

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