Repair or 2 weeks crap

Repair or 2 weeks crap

All readers hi) of the decree began to bring order. It all started with GCC and the analysis of finished floor of the car ... collapsed tractive connection, axial run .bolshoy crankshaft broke timer, set fire starter, a gene put in order.
He took off the stove after moving motor, Carlson turned and glued inside, all the cracks smeared.

Box with razdatkoy advanced, replaced seals, oil seals, bearing primary shaft and a razdatke jamb was in the lock ring.
Motor removed, laundered, prodefektovan, removed the axial run-up crankshaft with new rings, fields one metal ring and groove thrust washer.
Just incidentally replaced the pipes and the engine cushion from BMW

There is a lot of work of further development will be writing as finance income)

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