Torments a few questions!

Do not think at all of the Fool)
Auto on the machine was one and the front-wheel drive)
At full constant, too, was but on the mechanics
So actually the question:!
1) On Coy need 3 transfer after position drive? (I think that it is for ponizhaykoy, if I am right then whether it is possible for them to move in the 2wd mode and normal 4wd?!)
2) the question that torments me to buy a car, what kind of swing speed can go on all-wheel drive, as well as on 2wd or still have limitations ?!(About ponizhaykoy vkurse that more than 70km / h is not recommended)
Well, almost all accumulated)
Tomorrow will come hubs and I'm finally going to move on the road and trackless expanses of white man)))

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