UAZoKardan or import substitution in action!

After yesterday's problems with cardan, puzzled by the question of his replacement ... Looked at the price of the OEM ... I looked at the price of an analogue of Chiron ... Yes they are there% ^ quite what-if o ^ * $ 3?

In general, we as always - go the other way.
from the dark corner of the garage, took out a year ago machined spacers under UAZokardany ... let me remind you that according to rumors, drawings karandovada on which they are turned, to put it mildly - is not accurate ... therefore details spacer and were cast into the the farthest and darkest corner of the garage ... and then: "Valera - it's your time!")))

After meeting today with Zhekan6 on the subject, after weighing all the pros and cons, I was given the verdict:" Come on UAZka shove. "
Next was bought by cardan UAZ Patriot (31601-2203010), fasteners, and good drill ...

general drawing with korandovoda proved to be quite accurate, except for the moment, that is not listed on it all dimensions of the holes from the uazovsky flanges and turners, including logic, do razsvelovku "square", but in fact there is "rectangle". for short)
With a cardan flyanets from Oise, and making a mark on a drill press were cut two new holes (since the other two are the same). Just thread in the holes was cut as bolts and nuts have been used.

UAZoKardan or import substitution in action!

Next , during the installation process, has emerged another school ... holes by mounting spacers to the flange razdatki, then, whether symmetrically were little, then, whether still that ... so I had them a little razsverlit,. Thereafter, the spacer into place like home)

In all other respects, the drawing no problem

Yes, and now the pleasant:.

Vibrations at speeds up to 70kmch at full drive, I did not feel ... More not accelerated since It makes no sense.

UAZoKardan or import substitution in action!

In the compressed state

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