Video: baby seats began installing airbags

The new technology is already tested and available for purchase.

Global auto industry that can boast "flowers of life" started to defend airbags. So, the Maxi Cosi presented the first baby car seat is equipped with two airbags. The device is called AxissFix Air and is already available for purchase, but so far only in Britain. The cost of The chair reaches 550 pounds (about 725 USD).

In this chair unique is the technology Technologie Air Safety, which involves the installation of two airbags in the chair itself. They are hidden in the shoulder region, and hope they are at the expense of the cartridge with carbon dioxide. The cartridge itself is in the back.

The system is capable to record the accident in the course of 0.015 seconds and inflate pillow in just 0.05 seconds. After the tests, which, however, has taken place only within the walls of the company, Maxi Cosi noted a decrease in the load on the neck of the child during a collision to 55%. Chair with built-in airbags suitable for children's height from 61 to 105 cm.

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